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King's Group Academies

We'd love to say that bullying never happens at King's Academy Prospect - but that would mean we were ignoring what sadly does happen occasionally at school.

What we can confidently say however, it that bullying will be dealt with swiftly and robustly, and we are very clear that we are an inclusive and tolerant school, and celebrate our diversity.

If for any reason your child is unhappy at school, their form tutor should be their first point of contact.

We are very proud of our work with a range of support networks, and have recently been awarded Bronze School Champion Status by Stonewall, for our approach on LGBTQI+

If you are worried about bullying, are being bullied, or know one of your friends is, you can report it here and we will provide the support that you need.

The staff’s care for pupils is highly evident. Pupils generally care about each other and are respectful of the diversity within their school community. Pupils told inspectors that staff act swiftly and effectively to stop any bullying that does happen.

Ofsted Inspection Report
May 2019