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Drama is and will always be a creative subject that enables students to express their inner feelings and thoughts. Drama is the basis of Culture and Civilisation. Drama is what inspires people to create and shine! The Drama Department at Prospect School is a colourful and exciting place to be! We encourage our students to be themselves and reveal their true talents! We encourage our students to create and send their own message to the world!

Theatre is so endlessly fascinating because it’s so accidental. It is so much life. After all, all the world’s a stage! Arthur Miller and Shakespeare’s thoughts on Drama and Theatre express my own thoughts and I couldn’t agree more!

Ms Eirini Akrivopoulou
Subject Lead for Drama

Throughout each Key Stage, our students are taught a variety of performing and practical skills that help them build their self-confidence and fall in love with Drama. In KS3, the students are introduced to the magical world of theatre and imagination through various activities which show them that Drama is a significant, challenging but also creative subject! In KS4, the students carry on with their thrilling trip to fantasy and apply the knowledge they have gained so far to their own work! Everything they learn in both Key Stages is based on AQA’s exam board and we make sure that by the time they take their GCSE exams, they will have covered everything needed for them to be successful!

Drama GCSE

Do you enjoy working with enthusiastic people and creating excellent theatre in lots of different ways? Can you see yourself getting up in front of an audience and showing stunning, moving, hilarious or educational pieces of drama in our Drama
Centre? Do you want to go and see lots of different plays and take part in workshops with professional actors? Are you prepared to work hard and play hard? Then this course is for you!

Taking Drama for GCSE enables you to continue to develop your creating, performing and responding skills and explore a wide range of styles, themes and techniques.

You will study a wide variety of different topics, theatre techniques and skills while devising improvisations from stimuli and using scripts to create
theatre. You will learn how to develop characters and study a play from the point of view of an actor, designer, technician and director.

Drama and Theatre A Level

Drama and Theatre Studies can lead to further study in Drama, Theatre Studies and Performing Arts in Higher Education at Degree or HND Level or Drama
School. It can be used as part of your course to broaden your studies and may lead on to a career in the Performing Arts industries.

Students must have good stage, screen or vocal presence. Students must have the ability to enter into another character and engage with an audience. A good understanding of dramatic techniques and creative insight are also required. Students should have the ability to memorise lines and having the confidence, energy and dedication to perform.

Standard entry requirements including GCSE grade 4 Maths plus grade 5 GCSE English Language and English Literature. Grade 5 in GCSE Drama is also desirable.

Ms E Akrivopoulou
Head of Performing Arts (Acting)

Mr T Farrall
Drama Teacher