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Film Studies A Level

The Film Studies course will deepen your understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of film as a major art form of the twentieth century. You will study Cinema as a medium, as an art form and as a social and economic institution. Film Studies gives you the opportunity not only to debate and discuss film but also to learn practical skills. An interest in film over and above enjoying watching them is essential. Film Studies explores the relationship between films and the individual, analysing the ways in which films create meanings and make us respond both intellectually and emotionally. Students will learn about issues of production and consumption, including the supply of and demand for films, and will have the opportunity to debate some of the current issues in film, for example the global dominance of Hollywood and strategies for supporting indigenous/independent film. The course balances critical and creative approaches to the study of film.

Entry Requirements

Students need to be critical thinkers who are willing to engage in analysis and debate about films as well as the issues surrounding the film industry.

Students will need to be able to work well independently and with others and it is essential that you can manage your time effectively

Students need to have the aptitude to write fluently and accurately. Students need to have achieved GCSE English at grade 5 or above and four other GCSEs.

Future Careers

A Level Film is recognised as an entry qualification for a wide variety of degrees at University. The combination of critical and creative skills will be useful for any course or career. Previous students have gone on to work in film and television