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King's Group Academies

The Mathematics Department at King's Academy Prospect have a wealth of experience and specialisms that they bring to teaching, with each member of the department committed to providing a broad and balanced education to students of all abilities, from age 11 to 18. Every student is expected to work alongside our teachers to reach their full potential, developing their knowledge and application of Mathematics in preparation for their futures. This includes developing a logical and systematic approach to problem solving that can be applied in a wealth of areas.


The study of mathematics, like the Nile,
begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.

Charles Caleb Colton
English cleric, writer and collector

Key Stage 3

Students starting in Year 7 focus on developing key skills and mathematical understanding that will prepare them for both their GCSEs and real-world application of maths. 

Key Stage 4

Students in Years 10 and 11 delve further into the world of Mathematics.

The Mathematics Department use the AQA exam board for GCSE Mathematics.

Mathematics A Level

A Level Maths is a very well respected qualification. It is an essential requirement for most engineering, computer science, economics and biomedical sciences courses at university. It is essential to have A Level Maths if you want to study Maths or physics at university.

A Level Mathematics is a 2-year course which is examined entirely at the end of Year 13.

The course includes a variety of core maths topics such as:

  • Calculus
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Logarithms and Exponentials
  • Polynomials
  • Proof
  • Numerical Methods

It also includes statistics and mechanics topics such as:

  •  Hypothesis Testing
  •  Probability
  •  Normal and Binomial Distributions
  •  Kinematics in 1 and 2 Dimensions
  •  Newton’s Laws and Forces

We also offer Further Maths at AS Level, and if there are suitable candidates, they will be able to sit the full A Level at the end of Year 13.

Skills Required

There is a lot of work involved in A Level Maths, so students are expected to work at a fast pace, manage their time well and adhere to deadlines. The ability to work independently is essential as it is expected that students will complete one hour of study for every lesson (there will be 9 lessons a fortnight). A Level Maths students must show a lot of initiative as they are required to come along and ask questions when necessary. Students who do this course are highly motivated and possess good problem-solving skills. They readily incorporate new information and take on board the advice of their teachers.

Entry Requirements

Students are expected to have a grade 7 or above in GCSE maths.

Core Maths

We also offer the EDEXCEL Level 3 course Maths in Context “Core Maths”, this course provides the equivalent of an AS in Mathematics and is designed to support students with the Maths content of a wide range of A Levels, including the Sciences, Business, Psychology and Computing.

Mrs S Bell
Head of Mathematics

Mr A Rowe
Deputy Head of Mathematics

Mrs P Jewell
Deputy Head of Mathematics

Mr R Bothma
Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs A Golda
Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs J Gregory
Maths Intervention Specialist

Mr S Hayat
Teacher of Mathematics

Miss K Johansson
Teacher of Mathematics

Mr O McLeod
Teacher of Mathematics

Ms V Richards
Teacher of Mathematics

Mr W Thorne
Teacher of Mathematics

Miss K Unwin
Teacher of Mathematics