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King's Group Academies

The MFL department is a team of dedicated and experienced linguists whose aim is to help students not only to develop their language skills in a variety of contexts but also to broaden their understanding of the culture and communities where the languages are spoken. We’re passionate about the benefits learning a language brings. Language learning is a skill for life and one which is increasingly sought after in today’s global economy.

Students will learn how to express themselves in French, Spanish or German, both orally and in writing, on a variety of subjects including family and friends, school, hobbies, travel, social issues & cultural events. They will  be encouraged to speak coherently and confidently with accurate pronunciation and intonation. They will show comprehension of written and aural materials and be able to initiate and develop conversations, giving and justifying their opinions, manipulating a variety of key grammatical structures whilst developing and widening their vocabulary from KS3 through KS4 to GCSE. We follow the AQA GCSE specifications. The GCSE exam consists of 4 papers – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing, each carrying 25% of the total mark.


Ms Z Mumford
Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Miss M Daborn
MFL Teacher

Ms S Euillet
MFL Teacher

Mrs S McCavish
Assistant Headteacher and MFL Teacher

Ms G Panati
MFL Teacher

Ms A Smith
Head of Progress (Year 7) and MFL Teacher