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Physics A Level

Physics is for people who take a real interest in the world around them, those who have enquiring minds and want to understand why things are the way they are. It is important that you have a general interest in Science and that you are willing to learn new skills and techniques. You’ll learn about mechanics, electric circuits, materials, waves, as well as undertaking a series of practicals to develop your skills. The exam papers will include questions on the theory of practical work and mathematical interpretation of both quantitative and qualitative results.
As you move into your second year you will take the foundational topics and study them in further depth. Topics will include gravitational fields, nuclear radiation and space.

Entry Requirements

Physics is an experimental subject where there are numerous opportunities to use practical experiences to link theory to reality. Therefore, problem solving, teamwork, communication and mathematical skills are highly valuable. Independent study and reasoning skills will also be necessary.

Students wishing to study Physics at A Level require one of the following:

  • Grade 6 or higher in Chemistry paper 1 and paper 2 or
  • GCSE Science at grade 6/6 or above
  • In addition to this, students are required to have GCSE Maths at grade 5 or above.

Future Careers

Physics lies at the very heart of technology and engineering. Universities highly  regard Physics for entry to many degree courses and it is also useful if you decide to leave education after your ‘A’ levels.
Related job areas include: engineering, astronomy, computer programming, dentistry, electronics, medical physics, medicine, meteorology, physiotherapy, radiography, telecommunications and many more.