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King's Group Academies

The Science department at King's Academy Prospect is committed to providing a broad and balanced science education to students of all abilities, from age 11 to 18 years. Every student is expected to work hard alongside their teachers in order to fulfil their potential. 

We aim for all students to complete their science education having secure subject knowledge, the ability to analyse and critically evaluate data and to be confident and capable in practical work.  Students should make links between theoretical science and the everyday world around them.  Prospect science students should leave the school as skilful, productive members of society with the ability to enter further education or work in a science field.

Science is one of the oldest and most important academic subjects in the world. Students of science have changed the world in which we live – from understanding our bodies and the living world around us, to developing new materials and technologies, to exploring the far reaches of the known Universe. Where will your science education take you?


We teach the National Curriculum at Key Stage 3.  The topics covered provide a secure introduction and insight into Science as a subject and into scientific thinking. Students are taught key concepts and ‘Big Ideas’ that enable them to access the Key Stage 4 curriculum, with a strong focus on developing practical skills. 

At Key Stage 4, the students will study either separate or combined sciences.  The department has high aspirations for all students, regardless of prior attainment at Key Stage 2, and as such offer access to the broader and more rigorous separate science curriculum as an option subject, alongside the traditional combined science route.

Key Stage 5 students have the opportunity to study all three science subjects and as such are able to access higher education, work or take on apprenticeships in Science and STEM fields.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known

Carl Sagan

Mrs A Stent
Head of Science

Mrs L Welch
Deputy Head of Science

Miss C Humphreys
Subject Lead - Biology

Miss N Bennett
Subject Lead - Chemistry

Mr J Meawad
Subject Lead - Physics 

Mrs L Demiri
Teacher of Science

Mr M Ng
Teacher of Science

Mr D Peterkin
Teacher of Science

Mrs S Thomas
Teacher of Science