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King’s Academy Prospect Sixth Form Student Leadership 2023-2024

Student leadership is an unrivalled opportunity to contribute to and lead many aspects of school and community life. It is a position of real responsibility to make a positive impact on students and staff alike. All student leadership roles require students to be positive role models and promote the values of our school: ‘Ready, Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Relationships’

There are a number of positions this year:

2 Co-Presidents

4 Vice Presidents

8 Assistant Vice President Roles

There are also House Leader and Assistant House Leader roles as well as various committee leads.



  • Oversight of all of the student leaders including house leaders and committees
  • Lead student leadership meetings with staff link every week
  • Represent the school at school and community events
  • Speak on behalf of student body at key events
  • Meet visitors when necessary
  • Liaise with key staff
  • Delegate necessary tasks when called upon

Vice – Presidents

  • Support Presidents with the responsibilities above
  • Stand in for Presidents whenever necessary
  • Co-ordinate / Lead committees
  • Attend weekly meetings and complete actions from these meetings as required

Assistant Vice Presidents

  • Support Presidents and Vice Presidents as necessary
  • Attend weekly meetings and complete actions from these meetings as required
  • Stand in for Presidents / Vice Presidents whenever necessary
  • Lead committees


House Leaders

  • Meet with House Captains at least once a term
  • Plan and deliver house assemblies with AHT (Mr Gerrard)
  • Organise charity events with staff link (Miss McCabe)
  • Encourage students to achieve house points
  • Encourage engagement with house competitions
  • Represent house at events, e.g., Festival of Sport

Committee Leads

  • Decide on committee members – from December recruit year 12
  • Organise committee meetings once every 1 or 2 terms
  • Support any meetings run by staff lead
  • Liaise with and support staff group lead
  • Seek out clarification of activities of committee.


There is flexibility within this structure that allows for the creation of more groups and roles in response to the needs of the school and local community.