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King's Group Academies
Creative Arts

Creative Arts at King's Academy Prospect are an integral part of our curriculum. With dedicated facilities, specialist teachers and a wide range of opportunities beyond the classroom, our students have the opportunity to put their imagination and creativity to work, whatever their particular area of talent.



The Science department at King's Academy Prospect is committed to providing a broad and balanced science education to students of all abilities, from age 11 to 18 years. Our well-equipped laboratories and emphasis on practical experimentation enable students to develop a sound understanding of all the natural sciences.



The English department at King's Academy Prospect firmly believe that we teach the best subject. Not only do you learn to become better readers and writers by studying English, but you also get to study some of the finest literature the world has ever seen. Our whole school emphasis on literacy enables students to develop a love of reading, as well as helping with progress in all subjects in the curriculum.



The Mathematics department at King's Academy Prospect have a wealth of experience and specialisms that they bring to teaching, with each member of the department committed to providing a broad and balanced education to students of all abilities, from age 11 to 18.



Our vibrant Humanities department ensures that all students have a sound knowledge and appreciation of the social and cultural world around them, both now and in the past. The Humanities department runs some of the best school trips as well - it's exceptionally important that our students get to see the world in which they live.


Social Sciences 

Our vibrant social sciences department offers a wide range of subjects which enable students to better understand the social world in which they live. Expect lots of lively debate and discussion of the current issues that make up our twenty-first century world.


Modern Foreign Languages 

The MFL department is a team of dedicated and experienced linguists whose aim is to help students not only to develop their language skills in a variety of contexts but also to broaden their understanding of the culture and communities where the languages are spoken. We’re passionate about the benefits learning a language brings. Language learning is a skill for life and one which is increasingly sought after in today’s global economy.


Computing, Business and Economics 

This is the department for budding entrepreneurs and the business leaders of the future. Students will learn programming and computer design as well as a sound understanding of the economy and the wider business world.



We're exceptionally proud of our amazing sports facilities and have a strong commitment to the importance of physical activity and exercise. Sports are a key part of our curriculum, for enjoyment, competition and also for an academic understanding of the science behind sport.


Vocational and Technology Education 

We recognise the rapidly changing commercial world around us, and as well as a sound academic base, students also have the opportunity to develop vocational, technological and work based skills, with an exciting and vibrant offer of subjects that is unmatched in its breadth of choice.

Personal, Social and Health Education 

Our students are well-prepared as citizens of the twenty-first century. They have a solid understanding of British Values as well as an appreciation of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural issues. Student's safety is paramount, so we ensure they understand how to keep themselves safe as young adults.

Tutor Reading Programme 

We start every day with daily reading in the tutor group. Improving literacy and raising exposure to literature is one of the best ways to improve student's learning across the curriculum
Our canon has been carefully chosen to expose students to a wide range of genres, with challenging themes, both contemporary and historical, from a broad choice of authors.
We also hope to engender a shared enjoyment of reading for pleasure and the collective benefits of reading as a group. Prospect Reading Canon