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King's Group Academies

Year 10 Work Experience

Own Placement

This is a student lead activity to prepare you for the world of work.  The best and only way to get a meaningful experience of the world of work is to research and approach places of interest.  Think about local places that interest you, ask your parents for ideas and help.  Speak to your tutors and use your Career Pilot account to tailor your search to the areas of interest.  You might need to approach a few places, but that is good experience and you must be proactive.  Check out the sample employer email. Your careers appointment is tailored to supporting you in an initial area of interest, so remind yourself of your choices. We do not find placements.

The legal bit:

We must ensure you are safe if you are hoping to take time off from school, and we must ensure you are approaching places that fulfil the HSE requirements.  

Step 1. Complete Own placement Form using your school email address.
Step 2: Complete Employers Copy before we can authorise this.   
Step 3: Complete Student Log Book

If you have any issues accessing the Google forms, please contact email:

School Placement

Virtual work Experience placements: Since Covid, we have seen change in how we all work - remote working is here to stay.  We must prepare you for the virtual world.  

We work with trusted providers who offer meaningful interactive placements.  These placements cross the social divide and ensure our students are able to access age appropriate introductions to wide variety of illustrious careers, including: Media, IT, Medical Sector, Property, Logistics, Marketing, Legal and Engineering.  See attached to register and apply for areas of interest. This is a very important skill offered to students in a safe way.

  • Ensure you update your Careers Pilot careers skills page with all the skills you have gained after your placement
  • All students are given resources to research and apply after 1:1 guidance session  
  • Speak to your tutors if you need help or guidance.

If the placement is to take place outside of school hours or outside of term time, then the own placement form is not required.  We would suggest you still follow the health and safety checks and check the insurance covers under 16.

We hope you can help your child and understand that this is an extra curriculum activity that can make a real impact on student motivation if they take control and feel empowered to try.  However, we do not make them, and we must insist that the questionnaires are completed by the student, employer and yourself so that you all understand your responsibilities to keep your child safe in the work place.