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Media Studies GCSE

Media Studies students will develop good analytical and critical skills that will be valued by a wide range of employers. Through the study of Media, students will be able to demonstrate they are critical and creative thinkers which many post-16 college and university courses will consider to be important.

Students will follow a course that will require the study and exploration of various media industries and media texts. Students will also be required to use their analytical, creative and practical skills to create media texts of their own.

Media involves practical and creative elements, with an external examination. Students will study the main media industries including, amongst others, news, print, film, radio, computer/video games, music, and television.

In Media, students will use their analytical and creative skills to study a range of Media forms such as Websites, the Promotion of Music, and Magazine
Students will also study key industry issues and media concepts which will be used in support of both the practical tasks and the examination. Students will be
guided on how to produce professional quality media products using industry standard programmes such as Photoshop and Premier Pro.

Media Studies A Level

Media A Level is recognised as an entry qualification for a wide variety of degrees at University. Media increasingly dominates our lives, and an understanding of how the media operates can only help your future career. Media students have gone on to a wide range of careers within the industry including broadcast
journalism, digital media production and marketing.

Students will study varied and contemporary topics containing different and stimulating content which will help them to develop research skills, problem-solving skills, and utilise their creativity. Students will also refine their debating skills through the discussion of contemporary issues from a range of perspectives. A level Media will also give students the opportunity to improve their practical skills in their selected medium, offering them a chance to research independently and gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the role media plays in today’s world.

An interest in media and English, including current affairs, is essential. Additionally, students need to be able to

  • Be able to work independently and with others.
  • Be able to manage your time effectively.
  • Be able to write fluently and accurately – assignments are essay based.

Students should have at least a Grade 5 in English Language or Literature.

Mr A Dieu

Media Studies Teacher